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The customer is in the best of hands: our

No one knows better than our technicians how to intervene in the services and procedures that we have developed and implemented ourselves, or in the software that is our daily bread.

That is why we have established a highly skilled Help Desk service for businesses and their end customers, ready to provide timely IT technical support when needed.

Our team of experts and technicians with IT skills and proven experience in direct customer support are able to provide effective solutions in a short time, even retracing application development if necessary. Direct intervention without loss of time: the ideal customer service for any company.

Virtual receptionist

iPlus Service has developed an innovative automated helpdesk service with a virtual receptionist. This feature eliminates the need for a live operator and replaces it with an equally effective automated operator capable of handling the company's call processes.

The Virtual Receptionist is particularly beneficial for SMEs and start-ups, as it saves the cost of a resource or physical helpdesk service without sacrificing service quality, thanks to features such as call screening, voice recognition, call transfer and routing, name dialing and much more.

First level help desk

First level helpdesk operators have direct customer contact and are responsible for handling complaints, investigating enquiries and providing timely and targeted first level technical support.

If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, the First Level Help Desk opens a technical ticket to direct the report to a more specialised level of intervention, within a tracking system that allows all incoming requests to be tracked.

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